Drivers License Bar Code

One the back of most drivers license is a 2D bar code.  This bar code contains information about you, the owner of the license. Its no secret what is encoded in that barcode – all you need is a bar code scanner that is capable of scanning a 2D, PDF-417 barcode.
Back of drivers license barcode

So, whats in the bar code exactly?

Almost everything you see on the front of the license is encoded in the bar code. Your name, address, birth date, gender, height, weight, hair color, eye color, etc etc etc.
I’ve got little to hide, so here is a picture my (nearly 8 year old) driver license:
Drivers license
And here is the data that is encoded into the back of my license, within the PDF-417 bar code. I’ve added comments in red to help you better understand what each line means.

ANSI 6360310101DL00290198DLDAQxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DAAJOSEPH,JORDAN,M My name – Last, First, Middle Initial
DAG3496 N CRAMER ST My address, line 1.
DAH My address, line 2
DAIMILWAUKEE My city of residence
DAJWI My state of residence
DAK53211 My zip code of residence
DAU56 My height, listed in feet then inches.
DAW150 My weight.
DAYBR My hair color.
DAZBR My eye color.
DBA20090909 My driver license expiration date in YYYYMMDD
DBB19820909 My date of birth
DBCM My gender
DBD20021113 License issue date

So what is that good for?

This makes all the data on the front of the license easy for computers to understand. If you look at each line of the above scanned data, you should be able to pick out information that is also reflected on the front of the license. Software applications like our Age Verification System can accurately verify detailed customer information such as a person’s age, whether or not a license is expired, and can even display identifying information to a bouncer or bartender to help prevent the misuse of identification cards.

If you’re interested in learning more about age verification systems to help comply with state law, or just to better understand your customers please contact us.

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